The star forward has been preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup for a number of years, and etched her name into the history books when she scored two goals in the match against Canada.

How do you face the world and conquer any fears or nerves you might have when competing?

I always believe in myself and my abilities. I try to block out the outside noise, and focus on what I do and what I am good at. Self-confidence plays a massive part in being able to conquer any fears or nerves I have before a game.  

How have you built confidence and self-belief during your sporting career?

I have built confidence and self-belief during my sporting career by focusing on the process, being consistent and staying positive. I have let go of any fear and trusted myself to play freely, whilst also making sure I am always mentally and physically prepared to perform.

If you have had a sporting loss or performance below what you’d hoped to achieve, how did you put your best face forward in that scenario?

By focusing on the positives from that performance. Asking myself – what I did well, but also what can be better for next time. Allowing yourself to learn, is the best way to move forward after a disappointing game or individual performance.

What advice would you give to fans or younger athletes to encourage them to have the confidence to face any setbacks they might encounter in their sporting careers?

The advice I’d give to younger fans and athletes is to stay determined, be positive, practice a lot, and to never let anybody tell you can’t do something. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!

You’re also part of the Cetaphil dream team alongside other Australian athletes such as swimmer Emma McKeon and AFLW star Erin Phillips. What is it like to work with these other female athletes, and what do you admire about them?

It's incredible working with other strong and determined female athletes. These are decorated athletes who have dominated their sports, achieved success, inspired others and become hugely powerful role models in Australia. 

How do you look after your wellbeing?

Looking after my wellbeing is all about self-care.

I make sure to keep active, eat healthy, stay hydrated, rest and recover, sleep well and do things in my down time that help my body relax.

What do you hope is the future for women’s sport in Australia?

A broader sporting perspective – packed out stadiums, more media coverage, bigger sponsors, games on prime-time television, equal pay and greater recognition for the incredible achievements and successes of female athletes.